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We layer solutions for sparking inclusive innovation across products, services, and employment initiatives.
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our mission Statement
Spark Access’ mission is being a catalyst for accessibility and disability inclusion in the mobility industry to build a more inclusive future and sense of belonging for people with disabilities.
People with disabilities in the automotive industry standing in front of a banner for STEP, Services to Enhance Potential


Engage with the community, and the intersection of public & private partnerships

A group of nondisabled and disabled people reviewing an Electric vehicle charger


Teach inclusive design practices as a process of iteration

An installation of 6 widely gridded accessible parking spaces at Detroit’s Eastern Market


Lead educating on culture and standards to build a wide and lasting foundation.

Alt Text:Spark Access’s Alan with disability advocate John Katona, a musician, recording studio owner, and wheelchair user

"Nothing About Us, Without Us"

Reinforcing employment and retention of disabled talent in the workforce to succeed in your strategy

Founder & Lead Consultant

Alan Hejl (he/him/his)

Alan Hejl (he/him/his) is the founder and lead Accessibility Consultant at Spark Access. With a goal to improve accessibility and disability inclusion across the mobility industry for people with disabilities, Spark Access layers solutions for sparking inclusive innovation across products, services, and employment initiatives.

Accessibility and removing barriers is a personal passion of his, as he identifies with chronic nerve pain & neurodiversity and has a partner who is paralyzed and a manual wheelchair user. Outside of work, when he isn’t cooking or gardening, Alan serves with the Ferndale Accessibility & Inclusion Advisory Commission for the city of Ferndale, Michigan, serves as a Board Member of Michigan Disability Rights Coalition (MDRC), and participates as an active member with Detroit Disability Power.”

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A smiling man with auburn hair and a flannel shirt in front of a blurred wooden fence.
Spark Spotlight

CEO Alan Hejl receives Ferndale Citizen of the Year in 2022

Ferndale Mayor Melanie Piana cites Alan as “a driving force in the Master Plan and the Non-Motorized Master Plan”, and “a calm, passionate, and compassionate voice in really advocating for disability rights.” for his volunteer work with the City of Ferndale.

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Founder Alan Hejl receiving an award for Citizen of the Year from Ferndale's mayor.
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